Our Story

What is Rock ‘n’ Roll? Yes, of course it’s a genre of music, some might argue the original genre of popular music. But Rock ‘n’ Roll is far more than a style of music. It’s also an attitude, a sensibility, a cultural identity, a zeitgeist, an emotional attachment to a cherished memory, an anchor or marker in a human timeline, maybe your timeline? It’s a tribe that some of us choose to belong to… 

To capture all the shades in a single word that Rock ‘n’ Roll is, it’s a spirit

Wear the SPIRIT of Rock ‘n’ Roll with JAM Originals.

Welcome to a range of unique and exclusive high-quality garments featuring original designs, which embody the spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Welcome to JAM Originals.

We love Rock ‘n’ Roll as much as we love our Earth Mother, which is why we choose organic cotton for our t-shirts and all designs are printed with non-toxic inks, we also opt for plastic-free kraft paper mailing bags to get our styles out to you. 

If Rock ‘n’ Roll is your tribe, make JAM Originals your brand!